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As a lawyer or paralegal, you always seem to be grasping for time and efficiency to better represent your client. Take a weight off of your shoulders by partnering with Steno Services for your next case.

The Steno Services Difference

Ginger Baze Steno ServicesBeyond Perfection

Our reporters are vetted and hand-picked for their accuracy, professionalism, and dedication. 

Ours is a profession where perfection is the bare minimum.  What do we mean by that?  We mean that a letter perfect transcript is just the beginning.

We use only top quality materials in the production of our transcripts.  Our transcript covers are top of the line.  We use the professional premium black onyx covers, and all of our transcripts are GBC bound, meaning they lay flat.  Never prop your transcript open with a book again.

Only The Best

We only use top quality paper to print our originals and hard copies.  Our standard is 24 lb paper with a brightness level of 98, which makes for sharper, more vivid text and a read that is easy on the eyes, even for all-day reading.

We have a wealth of options, but to keep things simple, we offer two main packages:  The Paper Litigation Package (Standard) and the Electronic Litigation Package.  The Paper Litigation Package, which includes all of the digital files that come included with the Electronic Litigation Package maintained in our online repository as described in detail below, comes with a paper full-size transcript, a paper condensed transcript (4:1 pages), and a keyword index.  We also include tabbed, color for color exhibits for an exact replication of what was offered and admitted, allowing for easy access and organization.

Technologically Advanced

As proud as we are of our printed transcripts, they’re just the beginning.  We offer a full range of technological time-saving options.   We understand that in today's world every attorney has their own trial software needs.  With every transcript that is prepared, the Electronic Litigation Package is uploaded into our online repository.

The Electronic Litigation Package includes nine (9) different formats, so rest assured, your formatting preferences will be available for download.  The formats and programs we include and support are:  Sanction (.mdb), Summation (.sbf), TextMap (.xmef), AMICUS (.txt), ASCII (.txt), RealLegal's E-Transcript Bundles (.ptx or .ptz), LiveNote Transcript Bundles (.lef), LiveNote Portable Transcript Files (.ptf),  Full-size PDF transcripts and Condensed PDF transcripts -- all digitally signed and certified.

All of our scanned exhibits are processed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This means that your new LiveNote Transcripts, RealLegal E-Transcripts, and PDF transcripts along with their hyperlinked exhibits will be now be word-searchable to quickly find keywords even among exhibits that may contain hundreds of pages.  You will now find your subject material within seconds.

100 Percent Accurate Transcript Syncing

Our advanced transcript syncing software allows you to find any moment in the video file within seconds and watch the deponent, read the transcript, and view the exhibits all at the same time on one screen.  Easily edit out objections for the jury, present clips for rulings in court, and many other unique features that are all available with our transcript syncing software which boasts an accuracy rating of 100 percent and presents files that can be easily imported into numerous trial presenting programs.

All of our CDs and DVDs are labeled using the LightScribe technology, so you will never again have a label accidentally get peeled off or fade and have to wonder what’s on a particular disk.  Say goodbye to the heavy stick-on labels that fade over time and compromise its ability to function correctly in your disk drive.  However, we are also able to just upload the zipped folder online, and you can simply download it from the repository, extract it to your desktop, and view your video deposition testimony within minutes.  No need to wait for shipment of the disks any longer.

Mobilized Videoconferencing Suite - HIPAA COMPLIANT

With our mobile videoconferencing, you can attend a deposition from miles (even states) away with one-way viewing for your experts or two-way viewing for questioning of the witness.  Privately converse with your partners, experts, or paralegals while the deposition is taking place with the private chat groups assigned you. Don't let the cost of travel, the loss of time away from the office, or the location of the witness deter you from taking depositions anywhere around the world and have all of your office support staff nearby at the same time, ready to grab any documents you may need in a hurry.  You can join in from your own laptop, iPad, smart phone, or your own H.323/SIP protocol videoconferencing rooms.  We provide complete end-to-end encryption and are HIPAA compliant.  We can turn any remote location into a videoconferencing room with our mobile setup, complete with dual screens for easy content viewing as well.

Expedited Services

With our expedited services, you get your transcript on the day you want it.  We deliver all packages via UPS with the added advantage of emails sent with tracking numbers for every transcript.

This is just the beginning.  Call or click today and experience the “Steno Services Difference.”

our principles



Under promise and over deliver. That's our motto at Steno Services. If we tell you we'll have it done, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will.



On time, every time. We know that you've got a busy schedule. The last thing that you want is to be waiting for your court reporter. We promise to be on location 30 minutes prior to your deposition.



It goes without saying that a court reporter's accuracy is like his or her report card. We pledge to send the highest quality certified court reporters to your deposition so that your transcript is as flawless as humanly possible.

Our mission


To provide the most pleasant, worry-free deposition experience in the court reporting industry.

In short, our clients can rely on us to deliver timely transcripts 100% of the time.  Our word is our bond, and we take our relationships with our clients very seriously, even if it's a single deposition for an out-of-town lawyer.