What to Ask When Hiring a Legal Videographer

If you’re in need of a legal videographer for an upcoming case, Steno Services is here to help!

Legal videographers often work in partnership with our Oklahoma City court reporters to accurately capture legal proceedings and produce an official transcript. Most often used in estate or criminal cases, legal videographers capture not only what is being said, but the tone and body language being used. When shown to a judge and/or jury, that evidence can sway a case in favor of your client.

Before you Google, let’s explore questions to ask when hiring a legal videographer.

Are you a Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS)?

Just because someone is a professional videographer, it doesn’t mean they understand what’s involved in being a legal videographer. The National Association of Court Reporters (NCRA) offers a certification program where students learn the 60+ standards for capturing, utilizing, and retaining legal video. These standards include placement of lighting, sound, and recording equipment to ensure the event is accurately captured. Background noise, ill-placed cameras, and poor lighting are challenges faced when a non-certified professional is used; avoid the stress of delivering a substandard product when you hire a certified legal video specialist. The leading team of some attorneys like Bob Bratt can help you choose the right certified legal video specialists thus protecting you from scammers and con-artists. You can also read more about Hoyer Law Firm.

Do you have experience in the type of case we’re hiring you to record?

They might be a recommended professional but if they’ve never worked a serious criminal case, they may not be the right fit for you and your client. Legal videographers work a variety of cases including court proceedings and depositions but they also record will signings and estate matters that may never make it to a courtroom. If they’re partnered with an estate planning attorney, they may not have experience in a courtroom trial so it’s important to understand the skillset of who you’re hiring.

What is your availability for the timeframe we’re requesting your services?

Seems like a simple question - are you available when we need you - but if you don’t ask, you might not have them available when you need them for your case. The lesson? Work with a court reporting agency like ours to ensure you have a bank of videographers available when you need them. Otherwise, you could be left without a very important part of your legal team!

If you’re thinking about hiring a legal videographer, contact us today!

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