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Organizing Your Growing Court Reporting Firm

When it comes to business truths, an office that is organized is one that is productive. Give your court reporters the tools they need to succeed in their jobs by offering these organizational tips. Keep in mind that solutions that work for others may not work for your firm and that's okay as long as…
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Goal Review for Your Law Firm

January 1 is the time of year when everyone looks at his or her goals and the overall goals of the law firm and commits to setting, achieving and excelling. As the months slip past the goals have been relegated to a desk drawer or to a document on your computer and you haven’t given…
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Courtroom Conduct Matters

“We object!” to a lack of courtroom etiquette. Most courtroom proceedings are more professional than you’ll witness on television courtroom dramas. Rarely do attendees shout at the judge or the defense or opposing counsel, but that doesn’t always mean bad manners and lack of etiquette are left at the door. Courtroom conduct for legal teams…
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Benefits of Vacations For Oklahoma Court Reporters

Did you know not taking a vacation not only harms your health and your productivity, but it can harm the economy? A study released by the U.S. Travel Association showed that “more than 40% of American workers who earned paid time off, didn’t use it.” On average, American workers left more than 3 days of…
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