Choosing a Court Reporting Agency

At Steno Services, we understand that you have a lot of options when choosing a court reporting agency in Oklahoma or anywhere across the nation. How do you find the right agency for your legal team? We’ve got a few ideas.

Ask for referrals. 

In the days before social media, people talked to each other face to face or on the phone about things like which movie to see or where to shop. Now we tend to do that via social media sites like Facebook for a variety of services, including choosing a court reporting agency. 

Whether you’re asking colleagues or posting on social media, we recommend asking for referrals. Ask questions about their experience with firms and/or specific reporters, especially if your case is highly technical. Ideally, you want a court reporter who has experience in that area. We also recommend searching online when choosing a court reporting firm. What is their website like? Is it up to date? What is their social media following like? Do they have client testimonials? What are the Google reviews telling you? This will give you a good idea of what to expect when you call them. Do it in an acceptable manner, since Google Joins the Fight Against Review Solicitation and some behavior is likely to be penalized. Make sure to read up on the current and past changes in policy.

Interview the court reporting agency before hiring them. 

Now that you have an idea from colleagues and online research, give the agency a call and interview the owner or manager. Verify areas of expertise, availability (especially if you’re on a tight timeline), and services. If you’re currently using multiple vendors for depositions, we recommend finding a one-stop shop where you can call to schedule a court reporter, conference room, legal videographer, and language interpreter.

You don’t want to hire an agency that doesn’t offer the service that you need like legal videography or real-time transcription or have the team available to handle what you need.

Find out what they consider a good transcript delivery timeframe.

The average is about ten business days, but there are firms like ours that can deliver faster if needed. That is if we know ahead of time, making it important to communicate with the court reporting firm before choosing them.

Our team makes choosing a court reporting agency simple by offering fast turnaround times and accurate, on-time delivery of transcripts. Call us today to learn how we can be your one stop shop for depositions.

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