Deposition Guidelines Court Reporters Want Attorneys to Know

When it comes to deposition guidelines court reporters want attorneys to know, it’s really about making us part of the team. Preparation, time management, and understanding expectations will help us serve you and your clients.

What being a freelancer means

As an Oklahoma City court reporter, we’re constantly organizing our workload. It’s a court reporting business for us which is distinctly different from reporters who work for a municipality in the court system. As a freelancer, we’re balancing time and resources. We may not just be working with you; we may have multiple attorneys for whom we’re doing work. For the team at Steno Services, we’re managing our attorneys as well as our experienced court reporters, to deliver accurate and quality transcripts to our clients and that includes you.

Set the expectation

To deliver the level product that our clients desire, we need to understand what our attorneys need and the timeframe. We never want you to be waiting, thinking we haven’t done what we said we would do. That means we work as a team to understand capacity and need and schedule work accordingly.

Gimme a Break

We never want to be the person who holds up a deposition because we’re late or in need of a break. That’s why we ask you to please allow time to eat, stretch, and take a restroom break. If you know it’s going to be a long day, have lunch delivered so everyone has a chance to rest their minds, and in our case hands, and reset for the afternoon. We’re sure you can appreciate the value of a few minutes to regroup before starting work again and we appreciate that you allow us that time as well!

Support our efforts

Remember that court reporters are as much part of the legal team as the rest of the people in the deposition. If you can provide a witness list and specific terminology ahead of time, we can come prepared and confident of our work without having to stop proceedings to ask for clarification. Ultimately, the time you put in to prepare us and the witness ahead of the deposition will make it a more efficient day.

We’re pleased to be part of your legal team and look forward to working with you!

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