Don’t Call them Resolutions

It happens every year. The weather cools, leaves change color, and suddenly it’s Thanksgiving. Where did the time go? It seems to go by faster every year! Before you’re ringing in the New Year, take time to review your Oklahoma court reporting business to see where you might make changes next year or even next month.

Don’t call them resolutions.

There’s something about calling your goals resolutions that somehow taints them into almost never becoming a reality. Maybe it’s our mindset when we think of all the resolutions we set that we never met or just the thought of taking on a huge goal (or more) for the next 12 months that makes us shy away. We don’t want that for you or your court reporting business!

Instead of calling them resolutions, call them goals.

Ring! Ring! Your Goals are calling.

Did you know you can set goals any time you want? It’s true. Be a rebel. Start a healthy eating plan on a Wednesday instead of a Monday. Put on your running shoes today and walk around the neighborhood. There’s no need to wait to make changes to your personal or business life!

Goal setting can be intimidating. Paying off thousands of dollars of debt. Building a business to a desired income level. Training to be a court reporter. Whatever your goal, we encourage you to break the BIG GOAL into manageable pieces.

Let’s take an income goal as an example.

  • What do you need to make each week or month to meet your annual income goal?
  • How many clients or hours of work will it take to meet your monthly income goal?
  • What’s moving you toward your goal?
  • What needs to change?

You may, for example, opt to work a big case that will, at least for the short term, take more of your time than you desire but in the long run will help you meet your income and vacation goals.

One of the things we like about being freelance court reporters is that we get to choose our own path. Now is the perfect time of year to evaluate where you are today and where you’d like to be next year at this time. Here’s to your success!

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