Don’t be April the Giraffe and Keep Your Clients Waiting for You

Animal Adventure Park and the internet are anxiously awaiting the birth of April the Giraffe’s next calf. If you’re following on social media, you’ve been waiting a while to see the new addition and you may be waiting even longer; a giraffe pregnancy lasts 15 months! The lesson? Don’t leave your court reporting clients waiting for you like April the Giraffe is leaving the internet waiting!

Office Preparation

As a court reporter, you’re among the most important people in the room at a deposition or court proceeding and they likely cannot start without you. To avoid leaving your clients (and theirs) tapping their toes and looking at their watches, prepare what you need to bring from your office to the deposition site the night prior.

New court reporters find it helpful to print a checklist so they’re not forgetting the essentials for their meeting. Steno machine, witness list, and address of meeting are a few that we always like to bring.

Night before a Deposition

In addition to getting what you need from your office, we recommend our Oklahoma court reporters select what they’re going to wear the night before, confirm the location with the agency or their client, set alarms to allow for traffic and accidents, and have the address handy for GPS.

There’s almost nothing worse than showing up late because you simply didn’t check traffic ahead of time.

Upon Arrival

Not only is it important to not leave clients waiting like April the Giraffe is keeping the internet waiting, arrive early. You’ll need time to see the conference room, set up equipment, and figure out where everyone is sitting. This is especially important if you’re working with a legal videographer who will need set up time for lighting, sound, and recording equipment.

Prepare Your Court Reporter

We can do our part as reporters to not keep people waiting and we can ask our clients to help us as well. Ultimately, it serves them to help us because it will help their client too.

  • Provide witness list prior to proceeding.
  • Terminology list if it’s a medical, criminal, or highly technical case. We can familiarize ourselves which will help move the process along faster; we will need less time for clarification and repetition.
  • Update reporter on changes to time and place of deposition. Often we’re the last to know and that’s frustrating.

The more we can do as a legal team, the better we can serve you and your clients. We never want to keep you waiting like April the Giraffe is keeping us waiting!

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