Goal Review for Your Law Firm

January 1 is the time of year when everyone looks at his or her goals and the overall goals of the law firm and commits to setting, achieving and excelling. As the months slip past the goals have been relegated to a desk drawer or to a document on your computer and you haven’t given them much thought. We’ve all been there. Take time now to goal review for your law firm so you finish the year strong.

Growing the Law Firm

If you want to continue to grow your law firm and expand your Oklahoma court reporting business pull out those goals, dust them off, review them and adjust them so you can end the year strong.

Setting goals at the beginning of the year doesn’t mean you’re planning the entire future of the firm. Your goals are guideposts to keep you on track and heading toward a successful finish line.

When you set your goals in January, they were fused to your passion, priorities, and purpose. Throughout the year, though, priorities and goals change and your original goals should be updated to reflect that.

Goal Review for Your Law Firm - A mid-year goal review and adjustment will help. 

  1. Understand the challenges the business faced and how they were overcome
  2. Identify potential obstacles that may be present now that weren’t in January
  3. Determine whether the goals are still relevant
  4. Determine whether the goals still align with the business’s priorities
  5. You make changes and course correct, if necessary

What is the best way to conduct a mid-year goal review?

Set aside quiet time. Make a commitment that you are going to conduct the review and set aside time to do that. Don’t let your review get interrupted by phone calls and co-workers knocking on the door. Let staff know what you’re doing and that you are going to be incommunicado for the next two hours.

Print a copy of January goals. Look at each goal objectively and thoroughly. Have you met the goal? Are you close? What do you need to achieve it? Are you on track to meet it by years’ end – if that was the original intent?

Is the goal still relevant to what is going on in the business? Make notes on what progress you’ve made, where you need to go and what resources are necessary to achieve the goal.

Don’t be afraid to look at a goal and realize it simply doesn’t align with the business and you can move past it. Also, if you have achieved a goal – that is cause for celebration, but wait until you’re done with the goal review!

Delve deeper. Now that you’ve looked at each goal, of those that remain, ask yourself whether they are still relevant. Have the goals changed? If they have it’s wise to take a few moments to understand why they are no longer relevant and to what extent the goal has changed and why.

For each goal, during the deep dive, ask yourself “Why” this goal matters and how it will help your firm succeed. 

What milestones have been reached? Your January goals should have had milestones attached to help you more easily measure success (or failure). Don’t look at a failure as a shortcoming, look at it as an experiment that didn’t pan out and adjust accordingly.

What challenges has the business faced and overcome? Setting goals is ideal for forward momentum, but you simply can’t plan for every outcome or item that can pop up in a business. What challenges faced the business and what did you do to address them?

Make note of those challenges, how you addressed them and the outcome. Keep track of this document as it will help you plan your next year’s goals and will help you be on the lookout for potential challenges.

What will you do differently? Each goal met and each goal missed brings with it lessons to be learned. For the goals your business met, what did you learn? What takeaways will make it easier to meet this goal next year. Or perhaps, now that you’ve achieved a particular goal it can be removed from the list and replaced with a new goal.

What processes have you put in place to meet goals or overcome challenges? These processes should be written down in a business manual for the time that challenge or goal arises again. Don’t recreate the wheel, utilize your past knowledge for future gain.

Moving forward, commit to a goal review for your law firm on a monthly basis. Check off the milestones you’re achieving. Reach out for the resources you need to achieve the business goals and end the year strong!

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