How To Hire A Legal Videographer

Have you wondered whether it’s time to hire a legal videographer for your Oklahoma court reporting duties? How will a court reporter work with a certified legal video specialist (aka legal videographer)? There can be a very symbiotic relationship between the two; they are each recording the legal proceedings, but are doing it in different ways in order to capture what is being said as well as the nuances of what is not being said.

In many instances, the court reporter will welcome the ability to partner with a certified legal video specialist (CLVS) and that individuals’ ability to deliver high quality recordings.

Before you can hire a CLVS you need to know what they do, what you need done and what skills, talents and experience that individual brings to your Oklahoma City, Oklahoma court reporting team.

What does a legal videographer do?

A CLVS has earned certification through the National Court Reporters Association through a written exam and a video production exam. The certification assures the individual understands how to capture, use, edit and retain the video.

Some of the standards to which a CLVS must adhere include:

  1. Inquiry of requirements for visually recorded exhibits
  2. Lighting and sound requirements
  3. Microphone set up and use
  4. Communication with attorneys, witnesses and others involved in the legal proceeding

When your firm hires a certified legal video specialist you are ensuring your clients have access to the highest quality recording available.

During legal proceedings, the audio will be of more use to the court reporter than will the video itself. The CLVS will turn the audio file over to the court reporter who will use it to enhance the transcription they’ve captured. 

Bottom line for when you hire a legal videographer

The production of a legal deposition video is best left to the trained and certified professional certified legal videographer. These individuals are also knowledgeable in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence as they apply to visual evidence you may introduce at trial.

Just as you do your due diligence in hiring a court reporter, so too should you take your home and require certification of your legal videographers.

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