How are you managing your time?

Ever wonder where your day goes? Do you feel like you barely get started and it’s time for dinner? That happens even to the best of us! Managing your time is key to your success as a court reporter. From appointments, depositions, and transcription time to managing administrative and personal tasks, you’ve got to have a plan to get it all done!

Time Blocking

If you’re a list maker or multi-tasker, it might be time to re-think how you’re getting (or not getting) tasks completed. Instead of ticking items from a list, try blocking time for different tasks - household chores, personal budget, business accounting, client 1, client 2, etc. Turn off all email and social media so you’re not distracted. We find we get more done in less time when we focus on one task at a time. It’s called time blocking and we think it works!


Here’s the catch with time blocking or to do lists, it’s easier to get tasks completed if you prioritize them. If something keeps getting pushed to the next list, it’s time to evaluate. Do you really need it done? Can someone else do it? Can you hire someone to help? Once you evaluate its importance, you can find solutions, even if that means letting something go.

For the longest time, I was struggling with the balance of working from home and cleaning my house. I could get the dishes and laundry done but deep cleaning was constantly moved down the list. My husband and I are busy in our community so the house and yard aren’t high priorities. Just last week we hired people to clean inside and out and we feel relieved, healthy, and accomplished. Sometimes it’s the little things that can help with managing your time!

Scheduling Rest

Are you just plain overscheduled? It’s time to assess your calendar and figure out which activities fit your lifestyle. It’s okay to say no to volunteering or a night out especially if it’s at the expense of your health. Sleep may be the single most important activity we can do to be successful. Your brain and body need time to recover so allow for that in your schedule.

There’s nothing wrong with a day of rest! Take time to figure out your priorities so you can block time to get it all done without exhausting yourself. Here’s to a new you!