Court Reporting

court-reporting-oklahomaSTENOGRAPHIC COURT REPORTING

At over 225 words per minute, our court reporters transcribe the spoken word at nearly 100% accuracy.  It's this combination of raw talent and trained skill that make court reporters an invaluable asset to the justice system.  At Steno Services, we employ only the best of the best and our dedication to our profession and our clients are what keep us at the top of our game.


As a deposition unfolds, you'll be able to see an instant transcript of everything said.  This allows attorneys the ability to leave no stone unturned as reading testimony in realtime can force your mind to interpret things differently.  Easily annotate, review, and markup the transcript to formulate the perfect follow up.  The best part is that you can take it with you when you leave the deposition.


Rough drafts are perfect if you need to review an uncertified transcript for upcoming depositions without the need to pay for expedited service on the final transcript.  Rough drafts allow you to have same-day access to all of testimony so that you can prepare and review your deposition while it's still fresh in your mind.


Medical and technical testimony take a special type of court reporter.  With more than 10 years in the business, Ginger and her team are well-qualified to take on any case.  From medical malpractice to highly technical patent litigation, Steno Services has the experience and proficiency to handle any complex case.


The ability to fully document arbitrations will prevent future problems by making sure that all parties are on the same page.  Stop your dispute at arbitration by keeping a clear record of the events and outcome.

Lay-Flat Binding for Appellate Briefs in compliance with Oklahoma Supreme Court Rule 1.11(c)(1).

Under Oklahoma Law, specifically Title 12 of the Oklahoma Statutes, § Rule 1.11(c)(1) states: "All covers of non-electronic briefs shall be typed on cover stock of at least 96# weight. Non-electronic briefs shall be securely bound and fastened along the left side with spiral or plastic finger-spine binding and shall be bound so as to be flat upon opening."

As an additional service, Steno Services is happy to provide Lay-Flat binding along with the added advantage of Next Day delivery.