Spreading the Word about the Benefits of Being a Court Reporter

In our last blog post Choosing Court Reporting as a Career, we shared tips and resources for choosing a court reporting school and the reasons we love our job, and we offered to help you explore this as an option. Today we’re talking about how we, as an industry, can spread the word about the benefits of being a court reporter.

Let’s start with why it makes sense to consider this career path. 

While it takes some people longer to complete court reporting school than others, there are tracks which will allow you to go to school full-time and become a reporter in less than four years. Not only that but the cost of becoming a court reporter may be less than obtaining a four degree and the earning potential is greater!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports court reporting as a growing career with a starting median salary of $51,000, well above the national average for other professions, and that number is set to grow over the next five years. That is due to two factors - the retirement of older reporters and the lack of reporters to fill their roles. In other words, there’s a growing demand and lack of supply so our earnings potential is increasing.

Why does that matter?

It matters because we, as an industry, need to be spreading the word about the benefits of being a court reporter. Let’s be honest. It’s not exactly the first idea that a career counselor would share with their student but we think it should be!

Here’s how you can help.

Connecting with our local communities both in-person and online is an effective way to reach prospective court reporters.

  • Read and share blog posts like this.
  • Share news articles about the court reporter shortage and other trends.
  • Be active on social media sites like LinkedIn where people are talking about careers and job transitions.
  • Publish articles on LinkedIn about your own experience.
  • Accept public speaking engagements.
  • Connect with community groups and organizations specializing in job searches and education.

The more information and experience we share, the more likely it is that we can train and fill the vacancies left by retiring court reporters.

For more information, please contact Ginger Baze at Steno Services today!

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