When is it time to hire a transcriptionist?

Now is a great time of year to make changes to your law firm or business whether that’s to create consistency on social media or hire a transcriptionist. Begin by reviewing the processes and tasks performed by your team, asking them how much time it takes to complete the tasks. From there you will see trends in where you might outsource to specialists like a transcriptionist.

What is a transcriptionist?

In an age of technology and rising use of video, there is a greater need for transcription services. A transcriptionist takes a recording, audio or video, and documents what was said and by whom. The content can be used in any number of ways including lightly edited for blog posts on your website, social media posts, or as part of a legal proceeding. Transcriptionists usually work as contractors though if you have high volume, you may consider hiring them as part of your team.

When is it time to hire a transcriptionist?

If you’re utilizing an assistant or other team member who isn’t specialized in transcribing for that purpose, it’s likely they’re spending more time than they should be completing a transcription and less time on the job you originally hired them to do. It could be a negative impact to your firm or business and ultimately the bottom line. It’s time to hire a transcriptionist!

Consider these factors when making your decision:

  • What’s the volume of transcription you need completed?
  • Is it consistent or project basis?
  • Could the person handling transcription be better utilized in a different role?
  • What is the audio quality?
  • How many speakers are on the recording? If it’s just you speaking into a recorder it might be okay to let your assistant handle it but if it’s multiple speakers, it’s time to hire someone.
  • What’s the audio quality? You don’t want to pay a professional who can’t even understand what’s being said on the recording!
  • What’s the length of audio? That’s important to know when you hire a transcriptionist.
  • What is the turnaround time? We guarantee a two week delivery time but may be able to deliver faster if we know ahead of time.

When you hire an Oklahoma transcriptionist, it will make your law firm or business more efficient and you will be able to share content faster while allowing for your team to focus on what they do best. Give Steno Services a call to schedule today!

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