Using LinkedIn for Court Reporters

When you think of court reporting, do you think of using LinkedIn to connect with other reporters? You might, and if you don’t, we think it’s time to start! Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and maybe even Twitter, LinkedIn is designed to connect professionals.

The Facebook Factor

We’re here to talk about LinkedIn, but what’s the Facebook factor? It’s our note that while many of us use it to stay in touch with friends and family, Facebook can also be used strategically by professionals. Create a business page for yourself to connect with other reporters you meet in groups designed for freelancers or court reporters like Court Reporters Helpline.

Having a page keeps your personal information from being shared with people who are pretty much strangers but with whom you connect online on a professional level. You might not want to share your vacation photos but are happy to share pro tips with them!

LinkedIn for Court Reporters  

Often underutilized, LinkedIn offers publishing for its members. You don’t need to upgrade from the free version AND when you hit publish, each of your connections receives notification that you’ve added an article. When they like or share, it’s then shared with their network, even if you’re not connected to the same people. Here are a few tips:

  • Share articles about your experience as a court reporter.
  • Set up Google alerts with keywords like court reporting or CART captioning to receive stories about legal issues and court reporter news; then share those articles on LinkedIn.
  • Re-share links by industry leaders including NCRA and this blog.
  • Publish your own articles.

For the court reporting industry, publishing articles on LinkedIn is a huge win.

We need to create buzz for the industry which is muddled with myths like court reporting is a dying career or that the only place to find reporters is in a courtroom. That’s where publishing and sharing on LinkedIn are beneficial to you and the industry. It means we can reach a wider audience than just friends or people who like or connect with each of us.

We know it’s an exciting time to be an Oklahoma court reporter. Now we just need to share it with more people. Are you interested in a career in court reporting or are you in need of a reporter for an upcoming event? Let us know! We’d love to connect with you.

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