Ways to Annoy Your Court Reporter

We love using social media to learn from other industry leaders. Recently we asked a Facebook group for court reporters what attorneys do that annoys them. We heard everything from tapping on the table and loud chewing to not taking breaks. It reminded me of my days in corporate America when my co-worker would warm up his broccoli in the microwave and stink up the entire office! There are things you just shouldn’t do in front of other people!

Here are the highlights of ways to annoy your court reporter from our social media post:

Gimme a break.

Overwhelmingly the reporters in the Facebook group were annoyed when attorneys either eat during a proceeding and/or forget to ask the reporter if they’d like something to eat or drink. One even commented that her reporter colleague passed out during a deposition because he hadn’t eaten in a while. Don’t let this happen to your reporter and remember to take breaks.

Loud food.

From eating nuts and crunching chips to slurping and swishing, reporters notice when you’re chewing, especially if it’s a little loud. Rather than giving you a list of approved foods to eat (or drink) during a deposition, let’s just not chew while in session.

Hands over mouth.

A reporter’s role is to preserve the record. If your hands are over your mouth, they have a hard time understanding what you’re saying. Not only that, but it’s just gross for a grown person to have their hands on their face unless they’re capturing a sneeze or cough.

Speaking too soon.

You ask the reporter to log evidence and immediately proceed to asking questions. Reporters are good at what they do but, as one pointed out, they can’t actually log evidence with their feet as they type with their hands! Taking a minute to allow them to log evidence will save you the time and frustration of having to repeat later.

You might not know you do this.

Shuffling papers, clicking pens, and tapping the table are just a few of the things you might be doing to annoy your court reporter. It’s a distraction that takes their attention away from the task at hand. Be respectful of what they need in order to deliver you an accurate transcript.

Whether it’s clicking a pen or forgetting to order lunch for them, your court reporter is trained to notice details. Keep them as a trusted colleague by avoiding these annoyances.

If you’re in need of an Oklahoma court reporter for your next deposition, give us a call. We’d love to help!

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