We bring the deposition to you!

Did you know with the power of internet we can bring depositions to you anywhere and anytime? It’s a real technology that we’re offering our clients here at Steno Services! That means if you’re in Oklahoma but your witness is somewhere else, we can capture their testimony using the latest technology for live depositions so you can be where you need to be without even leaving your hometown.

The Deposition Dilemma

It’s often frustrating for legal teams to co-ordinate witnesses and attorneys from multiple locations. Often you’re spending time on the road or incurring the cost of getting the team together at a remote location. The good news is that live deposition technology is here to help you cut back on costs while getting you to anyone at the click of a button.

The Solution

We understand your frustrations and believe live depositions are the answer to your problem.

You’re no longer limited by geography and technology.

With live deposition you’re able to work across multiple platforms on multiple devices to work with anyone, anywhere. It opens your client base to a wider audience. You’re now able to work with people across the country from the comfort of your home office, co-working space, or favorite coffee shop. The choice is yours!

The Reason

Do you need a reason to expand the network of people with whom you can work? We didn’t think so! Live deposition is an easy to use, all in one service to help legal professionals attend depositions. You can video conference and follow along in real-time while increasing your billable hours.

Our technology is powered by LiveLitigation.com and is 100% web-based so there’s no need to download or install new software to your PC or Mac computer. There are also apps available for smartphones and tablets.

The best part is that not only can you view real-time transcriptions, you can also allow exhibit and document sharing so it’s like you’re at the location without incurring travel costs!

The technology is secure and offers an alternative to fighting traffic and coordinating multiple schedules. We believe it’s technology like this that can move legal teams ahead.

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