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What You Need to Know About Preparing an Expert Witness

Crime and legal television shows make it look simple to utilize an expert witness to tilt a case in favor of your client but it’s not as easy a process as it might appear. It takes time to prepare a case and make sure the proper people, like opposing counsel and the court reporter, are…
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Social Media Tips for Court Reporters

Whether you’re working in a courtroom, boardroom, or home office, it can get lonely as a court reporter. Left to listen while others speak, it can feel like we’re working on an island. How do you get through the loneliness or need to feel connected? Social media can connect you to other professionals where you…
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Demand for Court Reporters is Growing

Are you seeking a new career? The demand for court reporters is growing so it’s a profession worth considering. The National Court Reporters Association has announced that by 2018, the demand for court reporters will exceed the supply. [Source] Over the next five years more than 5,000 court reporters are set to retire leaving a…
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