Is it time to hire a scopist?

As Oklahoma court reporters will tell you, there are many steps that go into delivering a final transcript. Whether it’s from a deposition or a digital recording of proceedings, names need to be properly spelled, expert witness credentials need to be properly noted, and grammar and punctuation need to be accurate. In order to accomplish…
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Gifting and Court Reporting – When is it an ethics violation?

It’s always great to be thanked for a job well done but when does a thank you become an ethics violation? If you’re a court reporter, it’s clearly defined in the National Court Reporters Association Code of Professional Ethics: “Members shall refrain from giving, directly or indirectly, any gift or anything of value to attorneys…
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Are you guilty of word crimes?

A significant portion of being an Oklahoma court reporter includes having a range of vocabulary and grammar that spans beyond that of an average person. The reason is part organic in that you will be exposed to a variety of cases involving industry specific language and need to be familiar with a range of topics…
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