What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

At Steno Services, LLC, we are experts at Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) including arbitrations and mediations. If you’re in need of a record or transcript of a proceeding or a neutral place to meet clients, we’re here to help. What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)? Whether it’s a misunderstanding between neighbors, a business partnership gone…
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What to Ask When Hiring a Legal Videographer

If you’re in need of a legal videographer for an upcoming case, Steno Services is here to help! Legal videographers often work in partnership with our Oklahoma City court reporters to accurately capture legal proceedings and produce an official transcript. Most often used in estate or criminal cases, legal videographers capture not only what is…
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Things Every Expert Witness Needs to Know

As an expert witness, you’ve been called to share your feedback and professional assessment of evidence pertaining to a particular case. Whether you’ve been called as a forensics expert for a tax fraud case, a psychiatrist in a criminal case, or a medical expert in a malpractice case, your testimony can make the difference for…
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